Vladimír SOUKUP

Vladimír SOUKUP



Contact information:

Mgr. Vladimír Soukup, Ph.D.

Phone: +420 22 195 1849

E-mail: soukup@natur.cuni.cz

Room: 221


Research interests:

Development of oropharyngeal region; tooth addition and patterning; craniofacial morphogenesis; external gills; left-right asymmetry specification; evolution of left-right asymmetry; organizers of embryonic development.


Proposed Bachelor and Master student projects to be found here.


Current projects:

New organizers of development of body appendages in vertebrates

A STARS-supported Ph.D. project, for more info see here.


PhD students:

Himanshi Singh: New organizers of embryonic development of body appendages in vertebrates


MSc students:

Zuzana Klaciková: Characterization of novel organizer in embryonic development

Anežka Kupková: Gastrocoel roof plate as an organizer of left-right asymmetry

Jan Vintr: Characterization of signaling centers of the developing external gills




Recent publications:


Sadier A & Soukup V (2024) Initiation and periodic patterning of vertebrate denititions. In: Odontodes: The Developmental and Evolutionary Building Blocks of Dentitions (ed. D Chen). CRC Press. Pp. 215-254. 




Šimková K, Naraine R, Vintr J, Soukup V & Šindelka R* (2023) RNA localization during early development of the axolotl. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 11, 1260795.




Annona G, Sato I, Pascual-Anaya J, Braasch I, Voss R, Stundl J, Soukup V, Kuratani S, Postlethwait JH & D'Aniello S* (2022) Evolution of the nitric oxide synthase family in vertebrates and novel insights in gill development. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289, 20220667.


Naraine R, Iegorova V, Abaffy P, Franek R, Soukup V, Psenicka M & Sindelka R* (2022) Evolutionary conservation of maternal RNA localization in fishes and amphibians revealed by TOMO-Seq. Developmental Biology 489, 146-160.


Stundl J, Soukup V, Franek R, Pospisilova A, Psutkova V, Pšenička M, Cerny R, Bronner M, Meulemans Medeiros D & Jandzik D* (2022) Efficient CRISPR mutagenesis in sturgeon demonstrates its utility in large, slow-maturing vertebrates. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 10, 750833.


Pospisilova A, Stundl J, Brejcha J, Metcher BD, Psenicka M, Cerny R & Soukup V* (2022) The remarkable dynamics in the establishment, rearrangement, and loss of dentition during the ontogeny of the sterlet sturgeon. Developmental Dynamics 251, 826-845.




Soukup V*, Tazaki A, Yamazaki Y, Pospisilova A, Epperlein HH, Tanaka EM Cerny R (2021) Oral and palatal dentition of axolotl arises from a common tooth-competent zone along the ecto-endodermal boundary. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8, 622308.




Stundl J, Pospisilova A, Jandzik D, Fabian P, Dobiasova B, Minarik M, Metscher BD, Soukup V* & Cerny R* (2019) Bichir external gills arise via heterochronic shift that accelerates hyoid arch development. eLife 8, e43531.




Soukup V*, Mrstakova S & Kozmik Z (2018) Asymmetric pitx2 expression in medaka epithalamus is regulated by Nodal signaling through an intronic enhancer. Development Genes and Evolution 228, 131-139.


Soukup V* & Kozmik Z (2018) The Bmp signaling pathway regulates development of left-right asymmetry in amphioxus. Developmental Biology 434, 164-174.