Contact information:

Mgr. Marina Kipson



Room 224


Msc Theses:

Toxicodynamics of prometryne in mice blood.

Supervisor: Oskar P. Springer, University of Zagreb


Parrots, pigeons and hornbills: can we identify a pattern in their traits that brings them closer to extinction?

Supervisor: Robert J. Whittaker, University of Oxford


PhD Thesis:

Ecology and synanthropy of bats in the Mediterranean region in comparison with the Central Europe.

Supervisor: Ivan Horáček


Research interest:

Bat ecology in the Mediterranean region, patterns of current expansion of Savi's pipistrelle in Europe (both ecological and genetical), bat communities in urban environment, bat conservation in Croatia. Owl ecology. 


Current projects:

Ecology of Savi's pipistrelle (Hypsugo savii) in the Mediterranean region (Croatia)


Past projects:

Strengthening the Support and Scientific Evidence for Conservation of ‘Europe’s Amazon’ through Monitoring of Bats as Bio-indicators and Involvement of Community. Supported by Rufford Small Conservation Grants (2011-2012)


"Slijepi za šišmiše" - "Blind for bats" – donation of Regionalna zaklada za lokalni razvoj Zamah to HBSD (Croatian biospeleological society).



  • Practicals in animal morphology (MB170C46)

Selected papers:

M. ŠÁLEK, M. CHRENKOVÁ, M. KIPSON: High population density of Little Owl (Athene noctua) in Hortobagy National Park, Hungary, Central Europe, Polish Journal of Ecology 61 (2013) 165-169.