Contact information:

Mgr. David Jandzík, Ph.D.

Phone: +420221951864

Fax: +420221951841

E-mail: david.jandzik@natur.cuni.cz

Room: 222


Research interests:

Evolutionary-developmental biology, herpetology


Current projects:

Evolution and development of pharyngeal pouches and pre-oral gut in basal fishes


Recent publications:


Jablonski D, Nagy ZT, Avcı A, Olgun K, Kukushkin OV, Safaei-Mahroo B & Jandzik D. 2018. Cryptic diversity in the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca). Amphibia-Reptilia, in press


Jablonski D, Gvoždík V, Choleva L, Jandzik D, Moravec J, Mačát Z & Veselý M. 2018. Tracing the maternal origin of the common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) on the northern range margin in Central Europe. Mitochondrion, in press


Kotsakiozi P, Jablonski D, Ilgaz C, Kumlutaş Y, Avcı A, Meiri S, Itescu Y, Kukushkin O, Gvoždík V, Scillitani G, Roussos G, Jandzik D, Kasapidis P, Lymberakis P & Poulakakis N. 2018. Multilocus phylogeny and coalescent species delimitation in Kotschy's gecko, Mediodactylus kotschyi: hidden diversity and cryptic species. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 125: 177-187


Mikulíček P, Jablonski D, Páleník M, Gvoždík V & Jandzik D. 2018. Characterization of microsatellite markers in the genera Anguis and Pseudopus (Reptilia: Anguidae). Salamandra 54 (2): 158-162


Jandzik D, Jablonski D. Zinenko O, Kukushkin OV, Moravec J & Gvozdik V. 2018. Pleistocene extinctions and recent expansions in an anguid lizard of the genus Pseudopus. Zoologica Scripta, 47: 21-32




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